FULL RANGE OF CARPET SERVICES IN Des Moines Metro & Surrounding areas

Even with the best furniture money can buy, a room will simply not look as good if the carpet is ratty, damaged, or unsightly. Mary's Cleaning Care Inc is a comprehensive carpet services provider with the right skills to take the carpet in your Des Moines Metro & Surrounding areas property to the next level, from a new purchase and installation to repairing or a professional cleaning job. In addition to the services listed below, we're available for any help you may need with your carpets and rugs.

  • High-Powered Vacuuming
  • Steam Extraction
  • Stain and Odor Removal
  • Carpet Repair
  • Stain Guard Application
  • Area Rug Cleaning

While walls and ceilings may stay relatively untouched, carpet is walked on, dirtied, and generally abused on a daily basis. Although modern carpet construction and materials have improved by leaps and bounds, regular professional cleaning and care by Mary's Cleaning Care Inc are still needed to help these materials stand up to heavy traffic. A premier Des Moines Metro & Surrounding areas carpet services provider, we're here to make sure your carpet has a long and beautiful life.

The Mary's Cleaning Care Inc team comprises specialists that know how to work with both synthetic and natural materials. We've been serving Des Moines Metro & Surrounding areas customers for years with our exemplary ability and have even educated many of our clients on the best methods of preserving their carpets and rugs.

There is no magic secret for great-looking carpets, but it takes the right skill, equipment, and an ability to assess carpet damage as well and wear and tear - something our professional team does expertly. Give your dirty or worn-out carpets a makeover by calling 515-270-1612 to schedule an appointment.